IB Student Counsellors

Dear pre-IB and IB students

Danny and I are your student counsellors and our main task is to make sure that the pre-IB and IB students of Langkaer get the best possible outcome and results from the course. We will try to guide you into having appropriate study habits and social behavior and provide support for those of you who need it. We keep an eye on the progress of each individual pre-IB or IB student and will intervene offering relevant advice and help.

Individual talks

Students can always address us whether the issue is personal problems, subject specific problems or advice concerning the choices that have to be made during the IB course. It is always a very good idea for students to inform us if there are any circumstances that might have an influence on how the student is able to perform during the IB course.


We will monitor how the individual classes thrive and if there is a good classroom environment. We will cooperate with the teachers of the class, the class team and the Pre-IB Coordinator and IB-coordinator to have regular updates on the proceedings in the class.


Parents are always welcome to contact us if they have questions, considerations or concerns related to the school attendance / schooling of the students.

Office hours

If you want to talk to us feel free to stop by the counsellors’ office during office hours, which can be seen in lectio.


Best regards,

IB Student Counsellors


IB Counsellor

Maja H.H. Nielsen


Email: mj-removethis@removethis too-langkaer.dk


+45 89124215

+45 21161767

IB Counsellor

Danny Thomas Goodwin

Email: dt-removethis@removethis too-langkaer.dk 


+45 89124215

+45 61713402