Pre-IB Coordinator

As pre-IB coordinator I am responsible for existing pre-IB students as well as students interested in applying for the pre-IB programme. I administer the pre-IB programme which means I offer support to the teachers and the students about subject requirements, schedule different pre-IB related activities, plan end-of-year exams and follow up on students who are not fulfilling their academic potential. Regarding new pre-IB students, I host several information events about the content and requirements of the pre-IB programme and am available for individual meetings regarding the application process.

I work closely with the pre-IB teachers, the student counsellor and the IB coordinator in ensuring the best possible education for each student.

Should you have any questions relating to the pre-IB please feel free to contact me.


Best regards,

Shelly Jackson Tyre

Pre-IB coordinator


Shelly Jackson Tyre


+45 89124213

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