Go to Open Apply here to start the application for admissions.


If you are a Danish student, coming from the Danish 9th or 10th grade, you will need to apply through your ’UU-vejleder’. He or she will help you fill out a form on and write an education plan (’uddannelsesplan’). You will also need to fill out an application through Open Apply.

Your application will then be sent to the school, and you will later receive an acceptance letter if you have been admitted. 
If you are a Danish student who has spent a year on a school exchange programme, you need to apply through your UU-vejleder and use Open Apply.

If you are an international student, coming from abroad, you need to apply through Open Apply.



For questions regarding the application process, please contact:


IB Coordinator Mark Peter Druett:

Phone +45 89124209/ +45 29249293    

E-mail: mpd-removethis@removethis


Pre-IB Coordinator Shelly Jackson Tyre

Phone: +45 89124213/+45 29748839

E-mail: sjt-removethis@removethis



Admissions tests

Applicants may be asked to sit an admissions test if we are unsure of their academic ability or if they are unable to document their academic achievements.

If you are applying from the Danish ‘grundskolen’, you may be asked to sit an admissions test even though you have been deemed suitable (uddannelsesparat).

There is a separate test for pre-IB and IB applicants but both are held a few weeks after the application deadline. We only offer admissions tests once a year and late applicants will not be offered the test. Late applicants will thus have to reapply the following year.

In both pre-IB and IB applicants take an English and a maths test. There will also be a short interview with either the pre-IB coordinator or the IB coordinator.

Students who will have to sit the admissions test will be informed by letter. This letter will also include practical information about the tests and what to bring on the day of the admissions test.