What is the pre-IB?

Langkaer offers a pre-IB programme (1 year in length) to those students interested in taking the IB Diploma Programme, but have no prior experience in being taught in English.

The pre-IB prepares students linguistically and academically to embark on the challenging IB Diploma Programme.

Other than being taught in English it is similar to the 1st year of the Danish STX education; alongside regular subjects, students complete several cross-curricular projects; General Linguistics, General Science and General Study Skills.

During the pre-IB students will take the following subjects:


  • Danish or Danish for beginners
  • Language 2 – continuing German, beginner’s French, continuing French or beginner’s Spanish
  • English
  • History
  • Social science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry or Biology (elective subject)
  • Mathematics
  • Music or Visual Arts (elective subject)
  • Physical education
  • General Linguistics - a subject where students learn general language skills, for example written and oral ways of expression as well as grammatical terminology. The course runs from the start of the school year to the autumn break.
  • General Science - another course running from the school year to the autumn break, where students gain an understanding of the scientific ways of thinking and learn about the strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge.
  • General Study Skills - a series of small projects dispersed throughout the school year, where students learn inter-disciplinary collaboration by using the methods of different subjects to throw light upon a certain problem.