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Welcome to Langkaer!

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 "I fell in love with this school and it gave me the motivation to come back day after day to gain knowledge and develop not only as a student, but also as a human being."


Based in Denmark’s second city of Aarhus, Langkaer Gymnasium is home to approximately 850 students who study either one of the two national educational programmes or the one-year pre-IB and the two-year IB Diploma Programme. The Pre-IB is a one-year educational programme, governed by the Danish Ministry of Education, and is for students who need additional schooling before entering the academically challenging two-year IB Diploma Programme.

At Langkaer we pride ourselves on our diversity and the synergy that exists between a truly international environment and Danish educational and cultural traditions. Our teachers are subject specialists who all have at least a Master’s degree from university. Several of our teachers are IB examiners, others have published subject-specific works and we are proud of the diversity and high standards of our teaching staff. Our IB completion rates are very high and our exam results are consistently above the world average and among the best in Denmark. Our students successfully apply for university entrance in Denmark and in countries around the world and many of our alumni emphasise the school’s international environment and the IB Diploma Programme’s academic rigours as aspects that have helped them in their transition from their studies at Langkaer to further educational programmes. 

The school is renowned for its democratic principles and active student council and Langkaer is characterised by active student participation, where influence and responsibility is given to students. Our location enables and encourages us to interact with the city of Aarhus and our IB students have contributed to many charitable, cultural and sporting events in Aarhus, not least through the many CAS-activities that our students have undertaken. 


Welcome to Langkaer!

Mark Druett

IB Coordinator

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