Student Testimonials

Nanna: The IB is a challenging programme and the content and Langkaer's teachers have awakened a curiosity within many different subjects and fields that I had never imagined I would possess. I never thought I would actually enjoy reading. Turned out I just hadn’t found the right book. The good thing about being in a class with people of different cultural backgrounds and different ages is that you feel more accepted in many ways. It allows self-growth, great connections and friends for life, it's almost as if you bring the world into the classroom. 

Aslak: Ultimately, I found that Langkaer was just a great school for the IB with some fantastic teachers who are capable of helping you succeed.

Lukas: The IB at Langkaer taught me how to function in a culturally diverse community with high academic expectations.

Signe: I am more able to communicate and express myself to others, and I am prepared for my university classes.

Karoline: Doing the IB has taught me a lot about how to structure my time.

Laila: Langkaer gave me a peer group that I made very close friendships in, teachers who are passionate about their subjects and care about their students, and the opportunity to do fun things like MUN.